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      In today's knowledge economy, the understanding of education has been extended to learning through practical work, lifelong learning, and self-direction. To survive in fierce competition and dynamic circumstances, knowledge management is increasingly being recognized by individuals and organizations as an important way to improve competitive advantage. In addition to consuming knowledge, learners should actively engage in knowledge management processes such as externalization of tacit knowledge, application and verification of existing knowledge, contribution of new knowledge from practices, dissemination of knowledge, and development of intellectual assets for improving individual, group, and organizational performance.

     In the meantime, technology has been receiving increased attention for enhancing learning and knowledge management. Most current studies have focused on the use and impact of existing technologies. However, many existing technologies have been developed without theoretical and epistemological foundations, or with incompatible or contradictory foundations. Also, it is often ignored that the impact of technology is largely dependent on the quality or effectiveness of the technology.

This FRT aims to promote research in this field with the following objectives:

  •     - developing multiple disciplinary research and intensive collaboration among the researchers and
           practitioners across Divisions and Faculties in the area of technology-enhanced learning and knowledge
  •     - developing innovative technologies for learning and knowledge management
  •     - developing theories on design/development of technologies for learning and knowledge management
  •     - developing or refining theories on technology-enhanced learning and knowledge management