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This Lab is to strengthen research and teaching efforts and community services by integrating pedagogy, technology, and organizations to create a coherent and manageable system for working, learning and innovation. An important mission is to enhance technology development of online learning platform and e-courseware, starting from the BSIM program of our faculty, and expanding to other programs of the faculty and university. On the other hand, the Lab will provide service and leadership to organizations and communities for their technology-mediated learning/training and KM programs.
To achieve this, we will focus on:

  •     - Improving existing or developing new technologies for web-based learning and KM practice, in addition to
          examining the impact or adoption of technologies;
  •     - Iterative analysis, design, and implementation of technical solutions and products for practical 
  •     - Generation and dissemination of pragmatic methodologies and technologies to support e-learning and
          KM research and practice among a broad range of fields.